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Improv Comedy Shows

Howdy Stranger has been performing professional improv comedy shows since 2008. The troupe has won several competitions, including the "NYC Tournament of Improvisers," "The Arena," and "Summer Improv League."



Improv Comedy Shows

Highly interactive and family-friendly, Howdy Stranger improv comedy shows have been described as "pure fun," "phenomenal," "high energy," and "improv comedy at its best." Some even say they laugh so hard, their face hurts. We do not take responsibility for such inflictions.


Holiday Themed Shows

Each Halloween season, Howdy Stranger performs their annual "Improvised Zombie Apocalypse" and the "Holiday Spectacle" around Christmas time. Heck, they've even hosted a Valentine's Day Special for lovebirds and mingling singles!



Private Events

Organizations have hired Howdy Stranger to perform interactive improv shows at fundraisers, parties, and special events. When you need entertainment that engages your guests, Howdy Stranger can help!


Sketch Comedy

When the planets align, or about once a year, cast members write and perform an original scripted comedy show. Casting, costumes, props, and MEMORIZATION OF LINES?! Don't miss this show when it comes around.

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